Saturday, December 5, 2015

Free Drifting SImulator PC Game

If you love Drifting game you are in the right place !, because I want to share a Free game for you. Nowadays before playing a racing game you must spent some dollars first or you we can say that "BUY THE GAME FIRST" and the bad things is the DLC, as you can see today, the game company don't sell a complete game after all so they sell DLC to make more more profit ! different from the old day of gaming.

So in this post I will share a racing drifting game that completely free of charge, the game is VDrift, VDrift is a cross platform and open source driving simulation that take focus on drift racing. The Driving Physics Engine from this game is inspired from Vamos Physics engine but re-written from scratch. This is the game screenshot and video  :

Although this game is in the early stages of development but it's already playable, so it's worth to try !. To make the game more interesting here are some features that comes from the game:

  • 45 tracks based on famous real-world tracks 
  • 39 cars based on real-world vehicles 
  • Very realistic, simulation-grade driving physics 
  • Mouse/joystick/gamepad/wheel/keyboard support 
  • Fully modeled tracks, scenery and terrain 
  • Several different camera modes 
  • Basic replay system with Skip Forward/Skip Backward 
  • Fully customizable controls 
  • Joystick, mouse and keyboard input filtering 
  • Brake and reverse lights 
  • Driver aids: automatic shifting, traction control, anti-lock braking 
  • Experimental force feedback 
  • Race against up to 3 AI with variable difficultly 
  • Engine and road sounds